lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

So Bizarre

Si tengo que decidir entre esfera o cubo... elijo prisma, sin dudarlo.
Puede que me cueste un poco averiguar lo que quiero, pero tengo muy claro lo que no me gusta. Cause I'm so bizarre...?

The Death Card (A Must-have to Download)
I'm here, waiting, i can't go any faster.
It's all, so blank, and now i'm really not sure
Of what, comes next, so i just keep on moving,
But i, know i, will really just keep losing.

I try, so hard, to find someone with answers,
But all, i see, is this great big disaster.
No hope, just fear, of what's forever waiting,
To seal, my fate, all based on love and hating.

I'm done, with this, these games have all gone too far,
So please, help me, cause it's all strange and bizarre.
I must, have died, i skipped to the end of my story,
For her, yes her, and now i'm in purgatory!

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